• Smart Projects, Smart Solutions


    By developing private solutions that are unique for the projects,

    we are achieving innovative and creative solutions and we are shaping our future from today.

Foundation of ZETA CELIK YAPI LTD STI (STEELO) was established in 2015 with its head center being situated in Ankara and it has mainly started operating in LIGHT STEEL and HEAVY STEEL sectors. With the advanced vision and innovative mind being adopted by the management team and with the organizational structure developing in this parallel and the performance level being attained, it has shown efforts to come to important places in national as well as international platform in a short time and especially in LIGHT STEEL, HEAVY STEEL and commercial areas.

ZETA CELIK YAPI LTD STI (STEELO) has started operating with the principle to provide solutions to its customers relating with light steel and heavy steel systems at world standards.

With its expertise of more than 16 years, ZETA CELIK YAPI (STEELO) has aimed to become one of the best project companies in the world and in Turkey and it has achieved a long distance towards its target.

The purpose of ZETA CELIK YAPI LTD STI (STEELO) which addresses each income group, is to construct safe, modern and aesthetic structures which have integrated with nature and the infrastructure of which has been resolved.

For this purpose, it continues to develop and realize projects that offer a comfortable and modern life to people with its specialized technical staff, team oriented, professional, modern, analytic thinking team and uncompromising quality approach and it has attained a solid place in construction sector for itself.

Our company ZETA CELIK YAPI LTD STI (STEELO), which aims to produce innovative solutions in conformity with the developing technology as being required for modern life, has adopted it as its principle to go one more step beyond with each new project under the leadership of an experienced manager and a young and dynamic structuring.

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