• Smart Projects, Smart Solutions


    By developing private solutions that are unique for the projects,

    we are achieving innovative and creative solutions and we are shaping our future from today.

  • It is related with growing 7 times in 7 continents by adding value to each life in each area we touch and where we operate, with our reliable team that gets its strength from innovation focused entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To become the most valuable and most preferred industrial company in Turkey and the world.
  • To provide permanent superiority by creating differences.
  • To optimize customer satisfaction by providing quality service with high standards.
  • With the management approach of ZETA CELIK YAPI LTD STI (STEELO) institution that is based on “human respect”, being adopted as a quality life style while protecting correctness and reliance as its most important values, it has written its name in a different status among respectful companies of sector both with the construction works which they have committed and which they carry out and also with the housing projects they create. at ZETA CELIK YAPI LTD STI (STEELO) everything ranging from employment to operations are defined with vision and values.
  • We are shaping our future from today. We are creating safe structures, spaces and profitable investment opportunities for our customers who are the reason of our existence,
  • With the project we develop under the light of designs bearing the quality of being the first and sample ones as having pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit at global and country scale, we have the awareness and bear the responsibility to construct the important touchstone architectural structures of our country,

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