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Various details have been given starting from the use of steel up to the advantages it provides. As it began to be used increasingly in architectural structures starting from 19th century on, steel has become an important construction material with the widening of its areas of usage. Its recycling quality has increased the demand for steel in building materials. Steel construction structures are produced by using galvanized materials.

Biggest reason why steel construction is preferred is because its provides maximum level of durability at seismic regions. Major settlement area of our country is situated in regions bearing serious earthquake risks. For this reason, ideal building material should be made of steel. As steel construction is quite practical, fast and safe in the establishment of workplaces, houses, factories, facilities and various workshops, its usage has widened.

Steel construction is divided into heavy and light types and heavy steel is preferred in buildings that are planned to be used for long term and light steel is preferred in small structures for temporary usages as being portable due to its economic aspects. Steel construction structures have a technique requiring high level of mathematical processing capability.

With the mathematical processes being calculated in detail within computer environment during the production and assembly, it is guaranteed that no problems will be experienced during the assembly with the loads that will be carried. Steel construction which provides usage opportunity for long years with its period of durability, is lighter when compared with reinforced concrete structures.

As there are many varieties in steel construction structures, you can realize changing operations whenever you wish. You can prefer these structures, the processes of which are completed in a shorter time than you predict, in the construction of all types of buildings. Steel construction structures are pocket-friendly and they are produced by using materials having superior features enabling you not to doubt about their solidness. Even if the ground where assembly will be made has bad conditions, no problems are experienced with its establishment.

Height of steel construction structures can be adjusted according to your wish. There is no need for you to determine an elevation limit due to the usage of steel. On the contrary, among all building materials the most durable one is the steel element. Your preferring these structures that enable you to have the most solid structure with the most convenient price in the fastest way would provide advantages to you for all respects.

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