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Main idea behind Light Steel Construction System is to obtain a more effective carrier system when compared with traditional building systems, by using lighter, strong, cold shaped galvanized thin walled steel. Light steel houses first began to be used at the end of 1950s.

Popularity of light steel keeps on increasing in various countries as being an alternative to wooden structures. For example, in America 300,000 light steel houses are being built in a year while 150,000 light steel houses are being built in Japan. In Australia, the system began to be used since the beginning of 1950s and more than 10,000 houses are being built with this system in each year. Usage of zinc aluminum alloy coated steel with high endurance in 1980s has enhanced the development of system. With the addition of computer technology, system was detailed and it was enabled for production process to be faster without failures.

Light steel and scissors production technology has quickly caught the traditional production technologies and it has developed with international expertise. With developed connection details, production and construction has become easier, more economic and reliable. Light steel system has easily met the international codes and specifications and it has also received necessary legal approvals from local authorities.

Light steel frame system contains sections that are shaped with cold shaped pulling method that enable designing with computer workout and calculation techniques, production with CNC production techniques and assembly without failures on the site. Profiles are delivered to the site as installment holes enabling for electricity and installment to pass have been designed and produced at the factory. Especially in developed countries such as USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, England and Japan light steel system is being preferred for long years.

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