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Light Steel prefabricated is economical.

Fabrication bearer elements provide high quality for low price and they minimize construction period, reduce labor costs, and they are long lasting. Harmonization of our rapidly changing life style with our spaces can be provided more easily and economically with the steel structures. Depending on the conditions that can occur in the following years, section walls that are not bearer can be removed or their places can be changed and in this way your needs can be fulfilled. Only changes can be made on walls that are not bearer by getting the approval of engineers.

Light Steel prefabricated is quality.

Quality of steel that is produced as having features which are determined in international standards throughout the world and which is a completely industrial product, is being controlled at each production stage and it is certificated in accordance. Builder or user can not intervene with the physical features of material. Theoretical calculation values are exactly valid in the implementation. As it is not hidden in the concrete, it provides opportunity for its conformity with the project and standards to be inspected at any time. As galvanize coated steel is used in the production of stainless light steel bearer, its corrosion resistance is high and no corrosion takes place. Galvanized steel that forms light steel building system is available in Turkey as complying with international standards. All profile bending process is realized in Turkey, too. Screws, bolts and other connection elements that are used are produced in Turkey as complying with American, Canadian and European standards. Technology that is used is international light steel building system that has been approved by the official authorities in USA, Canada, and Europe and which is being widely used.

Light Steel prefabricated Building System is more reliable with respect to Reinforced Concrete.

Since light steel prefabricated building system is lighter when compared with reinforced concrete structures, it is subject to earthquake power much lesser. As steel construction elements are not brittle like reinforced concrete elements and as they react in a ductile way, they can absorb earthquake power without collapsing. In steel structures, the possibility of floors to collapse on one another and to cause losses of lives is negligibly low.

Life time of Light Steel prefabricated Building System is long.

Coating materials that are used have the guarantee given by producer companies. Design calculations that are made for Zeta light steel construction have been made by considering economic life time just like in all other buildings. It is longer lasting when compared with reinforced concrete structures.

Light Steel prefabricated Structure is Faster and More Economical.

Building elements that are designed according to the architecture are produced at computer supported facilities without any wastage and human source errors are avoided. Screw connections reduce application errors and during the production holes relating with installment passages are opened and savings from time and labor are achieved. In Zeta light steel systems, there are no problems such as uncertainties in constructions, delayed construction periods, uncontrolled cost increases, and problems relating with educated labor force. Bearer elements that are produced in advance provide high quality with affordable costs and they reduce construction period. With the high bearing quality of Zeta steel, high quality building elements with smaller sections and measures are being produced. This enables for net area of structure to be used more efficiently. Light steel systems are three times faster when compared with traditional building methods. Weather and climatic conditions do not create obstacles for construction to be done and construction costs get reduced. Zeta Steel is the construction material having most durability against earthquakes as being least effected with its high endurance, flexibility and lightness. It is much more solid when compared with traditional structures. Since total structural weight is 20 times lighter when compared with reinforced concrete buildings, lateral earthquake loads are significantly reduced. The only factor that can reduce the earthquake power is to make the structure become lighter.

Light Steel prefabricated Structure has Higher Quality and Longer Life Time.

Light steel prefabricated system is produced from high zinc coated galvanize material. Corrosion does not take place in materials having high corrosion resistance. It is composed of galvanized steel meeting international standards and quality. Quality of steel, that is produced as having features which are determined with international standards throughout the world and which is an industrial product, is being controlled at each stage of production and it is being certificated. Conformity of light steel material with the project can always be inspected.

Light Steel prefabricated Steel Structures are Green.

Due to the recycling feature of steel, even after the demolishing of structures, it can be used as raw material and it provides contribution for the country"s economy while natural resources are consumed less. By minimizing wastage materials originating from the application, resources are protected.

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