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Sustainability is now considered one of the most important aspects of construction. Based on light steel panel construction, the STEELO Light Steel System is considered highly sustainable due to the materials used for system components and the external nature of the construction process.

STEELO Light Steel System and Sustainability Principles

As the main system component “0” recycled material ie steel is used. With a highly precise roll-form system, the minimum amount of fire is produced with the part. Most of the fire parts can be recycled.

Low volume concrete bases are sufficient for light structures. That"s why the carbon footprint of the whole thing is reduced.

Manufactured and assembled Light Steel Panels are easy to carrying and transport. It can be placed near the site.

Energetic Conservation, High-level heat insulation and air-tightness can be achieved with construction details applied.

Light Steel Panels can be demounted and used again. Extensions and changes in any building can be made easily. The Light Steel System significantly improves site safety due to outside installation and rapid construction.

Galvanise Coating

All Light Steel Profiles are galvanized by zinc plating.

Galvanized coating is necessary to protect steel from rust and corrosion. Galvanized coating impacts the durability and design life of Light Steel profiles.

Standarts for Coating

BS EN ISO 1461
AS/NZS 4680

Exterior panel, interior panel, flooring, roof, wet floor, hot places, etc. for coating applications. Various materials can be used in different building components. The coating materials used in Light Steel Panel System are gypsum board, magnesium sheet, betopan, OSB and membrane.


The choice of isolation material for light steel constructions is an important design step. Industrial isolation materials are used to meet fire, acoustical and thermal isolation requirements such as gypsum boards, rockwool, glass fiber, membranes, EPS, etc.


Intermediate floors consist of beams or a flat cassette system. The appropriate light steel section is selected according to the structural calculations and the flooring is usually made of a combination of coating material or lightweight concrete and trapeze sheet.


Steel is a material with proven durability. As in all other systems, the Light Steel Panels undergo structural analysis during the design phase and are provided by selecting the appropriate sections to provide the necessary resistance to applied pressure, tensile forces and bending moments.


In some multi-storey Light Steel Buildings, the structure is designed to avoid accidental damage to structural elements and to prevent disproportionate collapse. The project is prepared according to the requirements of related codes, standards and regulations.

Air Tightness

Air tightness is ensured by the selection of suitable construction materials and application of robust construction details.

Condensation Control

Hafif Çelik Panel Sisteminde, uygun membranlar ve inşaat/ havalandırma detayları yoğunlaşma oluşumunu önlemek için kullanılmaktadır.

Service Holes

There are various types of hydraulic stations that process service drills at different diameters on Plumbing and Electrical Installations, All Processing Options, Panel Machines. In the modeling phase, the appropriate service hole dimensions and locations are defined in accordance with the MEP installation requirements.

General Montage Procedure


All modeled and detailed panellists and profiles are automatically checked for user errors before the production files are retrieved. This overlap checking using a complete modeling program minimizes design faults. The production tolerance is less than 1 mm.


For Light Steel Structures, single base and strip base types are generally preferred. Anchors can easily come loose due to the lightness of the buildings, where lightweight steel panels can loose in place. For this reason, the anchorage elements are placed in places where the panels are required to fix the base.


The base is prepared and the level is checked. Installation of wall panels and temporary reinforcements to secure the panels ends in the installation of Beams / Shears / Roof panels.

Health And Safety

Light Steel Panel System is an off-site construction method. As a result, workers are not exposed to building site effects during the installation of the panels. Other physical characteristics of the length, weight and system elements can be modeled and necessary precautions can be taken where appropriate. Light Steel Panel connections are usually provided with mechanical fasteners such as rivets, screws and bolts. No harmful gas is emitted as it is in welding processes. During installation at the building site, temporary reinforcements are used to secure the panels before final positioning of all system components. Lightweight Steel Panel System is a very fast construction method compared to traditional construction systems. Therefore, the period for construction risks is shorter than for other systems.

Design Life And Sustainability

All Light Steel Profiles are galvanized by zinc coating. Galvanized coating is necessary to protect steel from rust and corrosion. Galvanized coating impacts the durability and design life of Light Steel profiles.

Standarts for Coating:

BS EN ISO 1461
AS/NZS 4680
Codes, Standarts And Instructıons

Commonly used international codes for cold-formed steel structural systems.

AS/NZS 4600
Eurocode 3, Part 1-3
IS 811
BS 5950, Part 5, 6, 7

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