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First preference of Contractors

Non-floor bath compartments are preferred by the main contractors because these solutions eliminate requirement of finished bathroom areas relating with blocking and they reduce time and cost which are the most difficult components in the presentation of a building. Light structure of these complete bathroom sections minimize production period and they facilitate assembly process and yield versatile efficient outcome.

Custom-Made Modular Bath Compartments

If you are looking a something unique in construction solutions with the freedom we provide to our customers, we can offer you bathroom compartment solutions being special for the project.

Besides standard ground system, we are producing bathroom sections with thin ground or without ground as special alternatives.

One of the biggest advantages coming out with our flexible building systems is related with our capacity to offer bathroom sections that are convenient for all types of projects. With the privatization options, our product range is wide.

Easy integration is enabled for the available project. Water and electricity connections or waste water line can be easily integrated to the project.

When you choose Steelo for your modular bathroom requirements, it means that you are guaranteeing a professional and privatized service in real meaning.

Sustainable features

Our team is also experienced in meeting the requirements surrounding Sustainable Houses Code. We are also meeting the requirements of our customers relating with fixtures and connection parts providing energy and water savings in order to assist for the project to be successfully delivered as meeting the highest standard.

If you are ready to learn more information about this popular product, please get in contact with us to have a discussion with one of our team members being sincere and informed about advantages of current bathroom trunks and this modular system as well as relevant prices and time schedules.

Sectors which are preferring them:

– Defense
– Health service
– Hotels
– School buildings
– Student dormitory accommodation
– Steelo Bathroom Sections (Bathroom Pod)

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